Yantriik Space Solutions

A browning company, with the core roots extended in understanding the need of a Research or a company and to provide an efficient source in the fields of Aerospace and Mechanical.

Our core expertise relies on providing an highly compatible soft solution services with products that can help entrepreneurs, research organisations.

Design Support

Our extensive support team provides best in world class solutions for your Research and maintenance....

Ever faced difficulty in finding better solutions and tools .... Research us out


Defence and space research are very vast domain areas with consistent need of various tools for ease of use with updated technologies...

Ever faced difficulty in finding better solutions and tools....

Your Main Message

We are always passionate about delivering "EFFICIENT, SUSTAINED, ORGANISED and EASE OF USE platform for overall advancement of research and development in various technical domains".

   We want to bring in a proven source of simulation tools and products to everyone and have them experience it for themselves. Our vision is to create a long term parallel and sustainable environment to be able to create a deeper impact in Research and Development especially in Aerospace and Mechanical.

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